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American Pinwheels $9

Twirly 2 Puff $8
Blingin Zebra $8

3 Ring Party $8

3 Ring Sweetness $8

Zebra Pink $11

Zebra Black $11

Purple Satin $6

Sunshine in White $5

Burned Red $5

Sunshine $5

Zebra Friends $5

Fresh $6

Sweet Pink $5

Blue for You $5

Soft Polka $5

Sweetness $5

Zebra Club $5

Sugarkiss $5

Spring Cluster $8

Pinky Dinky $5

Orange You Glad $5

America 1 $6

America 2 $6

America 3 $6

America 4 $6

Can also be put onto a clip a snap or an elastic/solid headband
Different centers ie: buttons, pearls, beads, gems are available
Price is subject to change depending on size & how custom you make it
$1 will be added for any headband
Shipping is not included in price

***Check out the fabric page for other colors/patterns in the flower of your choice!
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  1. November 2, 2011 3:58 pm

    I want a cluster of 3 with red, black and white. Do you have the stuff? I need it before Monday. I want to use it on joslyns shirt. Can the black be the zebra print? She will be wearing a black shirt. Thanks Amber!

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